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"Finally, an easy way to pace myself, reading through the Bible. It's a lot easier than I thought, and I find myself looking forward to reading my Bible. I'm way ahead and I'll finish early."
Kris Gibbons, Springfield, Illinois

"I LOVE the online Bible feature. I'm always forgetting to bring my Bible to work and I like to read it at lunchtime. Plus these calendars are so beautiful. I can give them out to friends because the cover has the name of our church, the address and service times. It's a great witnessing tool."
Dawn Abney, Reno, Nevada

"Trying to read the Bible from beginning to end is tough and I always get bogged down. But the Dailyway program makes sense and I have no trouble at all. I also like all the extra Bible reading helps that are included in this calendar."
Mike Cooper, Hutto, Texas

"This is something everyone in our church can do together throughout the year. It's amazing to see all the rewards a church reaps when people simply start reading their Bibles."
Dr. Charles Goodwin, Marietta, Georgia

"I love these calendars. They fit neatly in my shirt or jacket pocket. It's an ever-present reminder to read my Bible, which I enjoy doing. It has drawn me closer to God and given me a desire to serve others."
Derrick Clore, Darlington, Indiana

"I really like the way each Dailyway session is broken up into two Bible reading sessions. The division of readings makes perfect sense and it's actually quite easy for anyone to get through the whole Bible in a year or less."
Dr. Sheila Brookes, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

"Are you going through hard times, and it seems like God is not hearing your prayers? My pastor once asked that question, and his response to it was this question: 'Are you reading God's Word every day?' What a huge difference it makes when we read the Bible every day. Surprisingly, answers start coming and life makes sense again. That has been my experience, and Dailyway offers a Bible reading schedule that is easy to follow."
April Cassada, Springfield, Missouri